예술교육의 중심

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I welcome to Anyang Art High School!

Our educational vision is to create a happy school environment to cultivate global artistic talents.

Artists are independent beings who design their own dreams and realize them with their own lives. It is important to create a creative world with artistic emotions. Furthermore, artists should be able to share happiness by giving your talents back to the society. Lastly, artists need to communicate with the world through art and constantly change and develop.

Since its founding, Anyang Art High School has realized art education that balances artistic expertise and the right personality in the fields of theater, film, music, dance, art, and literary creation.

Our Anyang Art High School education family will continue to make efforts to foster happy cultural artists who lead the future based on the spirit of degree, diligence, and service.

Thank you.


Hwang Byung-sook
Principal of Anyang Art High School